Yahoo 360 is Closing Officially on July-13-2009

In September, 2008, Yahoo shut its other social-networking site, Yahoo Mash. Now yet another Yahoo service, Yahoo 360, which was supposed to close early, last year, is finally shutting its doors on July 13, 2009, according to a blog post written on the site.

Yahoo 360 was launched in March 2005 as a social network/blogging service. However, the service could never really gain popularity.

In October 2007, when the company first announced that it would close Yahoo 360, it aimed move to a 'universal' Yahoo profile. The company reiterated the plan during its Yahoo Open Strategy (YOS) launch in April 2008.

Late last year company launched its "universal" profile service, Yahoo Profiles, which incorporates basic social-networking functions. However, Yahoo Profiles doesn't match the features of Yahoo 360.

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