Why Search Engine Optimization –SEO is important for Website

Need for Search Engine Optimization -SEO

More people discover websites from search engines referral. Powerful results make Search Engine Optimization for web site a very attractive investment by any company.

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the method of analyzing and constructing individual web pages, as well as entire sites, so that they can be discovered, analyzed, and then indexed by various search engines.

The aim of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to improve web traffic numbers by ranking extremely well in the outcome of searches using the most accurate keywords describing the subject matter of your website.
  • 83% of Internet users go straight to search engines to find what they're looking for!
  • Google ia a major search engine which alone provides roughly 48% of all online searches and together Google, Yahoo and MSN cover approximately 82% of all searches worldwide.
  • 93% of users don't look further than the first 2 pages of search results. Most prefer to use another search engine rather than click past the first 10 results. so it is absolutely vital that your website is listed on at least the major search engines - Google, Yahoo and MSN, otherwise you will lose 80% of your potential customers to your competitors.
  • 33% of users believe companies found in the top search results are a major brand in their specific product/service category.
The reason why seo is so important is because if done correctly, your website will naturally appear at the top of search engines for multiple keywords.

With website optimization you can make the content of your web pages more relevant, more attractive, and more easily read by search engines and their crawling and indexing programs.

In short with SEO you can,
-Pulls more traffic
-Get natural listings in search engines
-Get better ROI
-Reach to mass audience
-Create an online brand

Useful tips:
Proper SEO technique is never a one time activity, it is a continual process to ensure high rankings with search engines using search terms that are relevant to the website content. It is important to understand that search engine optimisation is never about tricking the search engines, it is simply an issue of comprehending what search engine seek when they visit your website.

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Nice Post!

The Internet provides great opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses, but doing business online presents unique challenges and requires new skills. Per my experience search engine optimization would be the best practice to improve your online business.


Hi..@Increase Website Traffic, thanks for the comment.
You are correct that SEO is best practice to improve online business....
Yes! SEO person Must know what they are doing, and must check the output of the work.
Meaning SEO person must make strategies to provide not only high ranking but also qualified traffic to the site.
And of course professional SEO must be in touch with new techniques.


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