Know about Free Vs Professional Web Hosting

When you search in Google, about "free hosting" you will see the lists of many free hosting services available on the Internet. However, when your site is meant for business or company site, you should never use free hosting services.

In order to establish credibility, you must be willing to invest in your own domain name and professional web hosting.

Free hosting drawbacks:
As a user try to figure out the first thing which comes in your mind about free hosting.
Of course! You may feel that if the organization which don’t have own domain, may not be a credible company. Likewise other visitors may feel and this will simply take your business elsewhere.
• Not only is professional credibility a great reason not to host with a free service, but many Search Engines won't even index a site hosted on a free server.
• In addition, free hosting service don't need to have a reason to shut your site down.
Free hosting service provider display banner ads, as many as they like and wherever they want( you will have no control to stop ads) on every site they host.
• Limited Access to control Panel:
*In free hosting you will find limited access in control panel.
* Forms (If you attach in your site) will NOT work as free hosting server block the interface needed to send forms.
• You may not get technical support.

With professional paid hosting-
  • You will have your company domain
  • Web spaces with all enable functions in control panel
  • No irritating and automated ads on your WebPages
  • Full technical support, updates and much more facilities.
Costing range for domain + web space vary from company to company it may start from $3 per month.
Depends on your need (Like limited or unlimited bandwidth, which domain extension, limited or unlimited web space and database) costing range differs.

Try to search online to find suitable web hosting service provider, which can fulfill all your requirements.

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Gracy Gupta mod

I was hosting my site in free hosting server, in starting there was no ads, however after fewdays when my site got polularity, they started displaying ads in my every webpages.This was very irritating. I needed to shutdown my site.
Now i am looking to host my site with professional web hosting company.
Nice blog and very informative contets, keep it up.


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